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Demon Bride
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Demon Bride    
Chapter 1
"Best friend crisis"

        Dementia wakes up and finds her roommate, Amanda on her computer.  "Mandy, what are you doing on my computer?" Dementia asks.  "My computer crashed so I'm talking to Tommy on here, I didn't think you would care," Amanda replies.  "No, no I don't mind but I would like it so I can chat with Haden," Dementia says.  "Just call him, he called earlier," Amanda says, turning to face Dementia, "he left a message for you to call back."  "Alright, thank you," Dementia says then goes to pick up the phone when she hears a knock at the door.  She hangs up the phone and answers the door.  "Hey, Libby," Dementia says when she sees her best friend, Libby standing in the door way, crying.  "What's wrong, Libs?" Dementia asks as she helps Libby to the couch.

        Libby looks at Dementia as she sits down, "I was at home, just sitting on my computer and my parents came in to talk to me about my future and wanted me to go do something so, I went to a fortune teller to see what would happen in the future and..." her voice trails off as she bursts into tears.  "What happens?" Dementia asks, patting Libby on the back.  "Well, she said that Bret will die, I will be alone forever and when I'm older, I'm going to be a prostitute to pay for the child I will have with Bret," Libby cries.  "Well, that's not too bad right? Because well, you aren't even pregnant right?" Dementia says.  Libby begins to cry even more, ignoring the question.  "Right?" Dementia asks with an expression of worry on her face now.  Libby raises her head.  Beneath all the tears, Dementia could see fear in her eyes.  "Oh my god, since when?" Dementia asks.  "I have known for two weeks," Libby answers.  "And when is Bret to die?" Dementia asks.  "She said the third week of this month," Libby exclaims.  "That's only in two days," Dementia says.  "And you wonder why I'm upset," Libby cries.  "Just keep him close, make sure he's okay," Dementia says.

        Two days pass and Dementia sits at home, worried about the reason as to why Libby has not called.  She sits on the couch, day dreaming and comes to realize she needs to figure her life out also because her life is so dull.

        The phone then rings.  Dementia hurriedly answers the phone.  "Hello?" she says impatiently.  "Hi sweetie it's me, Haden... I was wondering how you're doing and if you would like to get together next Saturday," Haden's voice says on the other end.  "Of course, I would love to," Dementia answers.  Just then, a call waiting beep goes off in her ear.  "Can you hold on baby? I have another call," Dementia asks.  "Um baby, I actually have to go so talk to you later, bye," Haden replies.  "Alright," Dementia says then clicks over to a person on the other end, crying.  "Hello?" Dementia asks.  "Dementia?" a voice asks.  "Oh my god, Libby?" Dementia worriedly asks.  "He's dead Dementia, they killed him, oh my god I'm so scared," Libby's cracking voice sobs.  "Who, Libby?" Dementia asks.  "Them, the de-" Libby's voice cuts off then a dial tone replaces the signal.  Dementia slowly hangs up the phone.

Chapter 2
"Fortune Teller Scare"

        Dementia stares off into space, worried look upon her face.  "What is it Dementia?" Amanda asks as she walks into the room, stunned to find Dementia staring off into space.  "I have to find that gypsy, I need to know what my future holds," Dementia answers, getting up, putting her jacket and shoes on.  She grabs her car keys and leaves out the door.  Amanda just stands in the middle of the room still stunned, saying to herself, "um, ok."

      Dementia drives along a weary road and comes upon a creepy looking house.  "This has to be it," she tells herself.  Dementia pulls her car along the side of the road in front of the house.  She walks up to the door and glances in the window to see a sign that reads:

Madam Petunia's
Future Readings
Palm Reading $10
Crystal Ball $20

            Dementia sighs as she knocks on the old wooden door.  The door opens and Dementia steps inside.  As she shuts the door, she hears someone approach.  She turns to find a decent looking woman in a sparkle purple dress, a wool shall and a tattered brown jewel in-crested turban on her head.  "I have been awaiting your presence," the woman tells Dementia, beckoning for her to enter the bead separated room.  Dementia goes and sits down at a round table with a crystal ball in the middle.

        "So, what reading are you here for?" the woman asks.  "Crystal ball," Dementia answers, handing the woman twenty dollars.  "Alright," the woman says, taking the money and putting it into a pouch that lay on her desk behind her.  She begins moving her hands over the crystal ball while chanting some unknown language Dementia did not understand.  The woman gazes into the crystal ball.  "Oh my word," the woman gasps, "it shows me that you are from hell, you are the sister of a very powerful demon and are wed to a dark beast, the darkest beast of all!  Beware, Dementia!  Beware the sleeping beast, for he is coming for you in your worst of nightmares!" the woman yells as though possessed.

        "How do you know my name?" Dementia asks, startled.  "It is he that wishes your return!" the woman continues, "beware!  beware!"

        Dementia flees the creepy house and nervously gets into her car and drives off.

Chapter 3
"Need of Partying"

        "I'm fine," Dementia tells herself as she stops at a stoplight.  when the light turns green, she drives past the Burger King down the road from her place and decides to go out for a bit.  At the next stoplight, she turns right.  After a few minutes of driving through a small town, she comes to a hill that overlooks the downtown area she is heading to.  Dementia drives down the hill only to enter the city.  She takes a look at some of the bright lit casinos and cafes.  A few blocks down, she parks in the parking lot of a well known dance club that she usually attends every Saturday night after work.  Now, it is a Wednesday but caring about what day it is was of no matter to Dementia, after what had just happened at the fortune teller's place, she was in great need of an outing.

        After a few minutes of waiting in line, Dementia enters the music pounding, multi-color lit dance club.  Once she gets herself a baha rosa and downs it all in one shot, she heads out to the dance floor.  Just then, a handsome man steps in front of her.  "Hello," the man says, "my name is Lu-Louis, I was hoping you would care to dance," the man reaches his hand out as to ask for her hand.  Dementia reluctantly gives her hand to him.  He leads her out to the dance floor where they begin to dance.  The song ends quickly only to start up a slow song.  "Care to honor me with a slow song?" the man asks.  "I-I actually should be leaving... I have to work tomorrow," Dementia answers, "but thank you for the dance, even if it was a quick one," Dementia kisses the man on his cheek and flees the dance floor.

Chapter 4
"Hell Dream"

        That night, while asleep, Dementia dreams of herself in a dark area.  "Hello?  anyone?" she asks, her voice echoing.  A light flickers on and she is then standing in a black room with the same man from the club.  "Hello, Dementia," the man says, "I have been waiting for this day for a long time.  He grabs Dementia by the arms.  "You don't remember me, do you?" he asks then kisses her.  She struggles out of his grip.  "Who are you?" Dementia asks, wiping her lips off.  "I can't believe you don't remember," the man says, squinting at her.  He raises his arms and then when he lowers his arms quickly, a burst  of flames raise up from the ground to reveal a large universe that resembles a lot of what she had grown to believe was the burning pits of hell.

        "This is hell," the man says, "where I originate from and you... you are my wife and I," the man turns around and reveals what Dementia knew was the devil.  "I am Lucifer, the ruler of hell and as any others know, I am the devil," the devilish figure before her booms.  "Please trust me," he says, putting his hand out for her to take so he can lead her somewhere.  She takes his hand and he begins showing her around hell.  After seeing all he could show her, Lucifer opens the front door to what Dementia knows to be the front door to a dark castle where the most powerful soul lives, the devil.

        She walks into the place, the devil not too far behind.  "This is our castle," Lucifer whispers into Dementia's ear.  Dementia looks around in awe.  "Please, come into this room," Lucifer grabs Dementia's hand and pulls her into another room that looks more of a sun room.  He then pulls her onto the outside balcony that attaches to the sun room.  Dementia looks at Lucifer, "I cannot believe any of this, it's just im-" Lucifer interrupts her by putting a hand over her mouth.  "Trust me, my darling for you know it to be true," Lucifer says then embraces Dementia in a long, passionate kiss.  Once the kiss ends, Dementia's eyes flutter open.  She looks at Lucifer to find a huge grin across his face.  "What is it?" Dementia asks.  Lucifer puts his hand behind his back and when he brings it back out from behind him, he is holding a mirror.  "Look for yourself," Lucifer says as he puts the mirror in front of Dementia's face.  Dementia's eyes go wide from the image she sees staring back at her in the mirror.  "It's you," Lucifer says, a wider grin on his face now.  Dementia stares to see a red skinned woman with eyes black as coal and long black wavy hair.  She touches her face to realize the woman in the mirror really is her.  Dementia then notices the woman in the mirror has really long black finger nails and as she observes the woman more carefully, she realizes the woman is wearing a black jeweled necklace and a black tube top.  If only she had seen herself in a larger mirror would she know the rest of her outfit.

        "I must go," Dementia says, hurrying through the castle and out the front door.  She begins to run through hell, knocking accidentally into working demons along the way.  "Come back, my love!" she could hear Lucifer screaming to her. She runs so far that she runs into a black wall.

        Dementia sits up fast, finding herself in bed, remembering the whole thing was just a dream.  She holds her breath to slow her speeding heart, she slowly lets out her breath, lays back down and goes back to sleep.

Chapter 5

        Dementia sits at her desk at work the next day, thinking about her dream.  "I don't like thinking about the dream," she whispers to herself.  As she sits at her desk, she draws on a piece of paper what she remembered the demons looked like.  "The boss is coming, might want to make it look like you're working," Dementia hears a fellow employee say to her as they pass her desk.  She however does not care, she just sits at her desk, drawing the demon and coloring in where shades would be needed.  "Woah, dark... hmm... I think if you tried, you could get a good job in illustration," Dementia hears her boss say over her shoulder.  She spins around in her chair.  "Hello, Mr. Bower I was just um... I was just-" Dementia says but then is interrupted by Mr. Bower, "I think you were just dawdling... do you even care that you're not going to get a promotion with the lack of work you have been putting out?"  "But Mr. Bower, I was just about to-" Mr. Bower puts his hand on her mouth to shut her up, "get to work before I fire you," he tells her then walks away.

        Dementia turns around back to her desk.  She takes out the envelope with her work inside.  She begins to write out her report, but then the paper with her drawing on it catches her eye.  She takes it from under the envelope and begins to draw some more.  A pencil from above drops onto her paper.  "I thought I told you to get back to work," she shuts her eyes to the voice of Mr. Bower.  He grabs the paper from her.  She turns in her chair around to see him rip up her drawing.

        Mr. Bower brings his face close to her's, "pack up your things, Ms. Dementia you're fired," he says then after throwing the ripped drawing away he walks away.  Dementia packs her things and leaves the building.

        She puts the box of stuff into the trunk of her car.  She slams the trunk shut and glances across the street into a window of a diner.  Haden sits in a booth across from a red haired girl who wore a brown best and blue khakis, her hair up in a pony tail.  She sees them sipping on milkshakes and holding hands.

        After looking both ways to make sure no traffic is coming, Dementia runs across the street and into the diner.  "How many?" the hostess asks Dementia.  Dementia's eyes on Haden replies, "none, I'm here to see a friend."  She walks over and stands next to their table.  "Oh, hello Haden, may I ask who the whore is this week?" Dementia says, interrupting their sweet talk.  "Dementia," Haden says, surprised by the coincidence that his girlfriend has just walked into the same diner as he was just cheating on her in.  "I'm Sasha," the girl says, "nice to meet you, Dementia... I'm actually Haden's girlfriend... he took me out to this diner because it is our one month anniversary."

        "Oh, one month is it?" Dementia asks, "well, well... been cheating on me for that long, Haden?"

        Sasha, embarrassed by her bragging about her new boyfriend turns to Haden, "what?!  Please Haden tell me this isn't true!  Tell me she's some crazy wacko in here to play a prank," Sasha yells, face covered in tears.  "Actually, Sasha this is my girlfriend," Haden says, eyes closed.  Dementia's eyes begin to glow red.  "Are you ok?" Sasha asks, scared of Dementia.  All of a sudden, Sasha's hair sets on fire.  "Ah!  My hair!" Sasha screams, running from the table.  Dementia turns to Haden as he starts to get up.  She pushes him back into the seat.  She brings her face so close, Haden sees fire in her eyes.  Wide eyed, Haden begins to speak but nothing comes out.  "Speechless, huh?" Dementia asks, "you are a waste of my time!" she yells, "we're through!"

        She begins to walk towards the door then turns back to Haden, "oh and here's a little something for you so you know to behave."  Haden screams in agony as he hears a crack comes from inside his pants.  Dementia leaves the diner, goes back across the street, gets into her car and leaves.

        Back in the diner, the hostess calls 911.  Not long after, the ambulance shows up.  Sasha and Haden are put into the back of ambulance. Siren roaring, it drives off.

        Dementia stops at a stoplight.  When the light turns green, she hears a siren behind her.  As she pulls over she can sense Haden and Sasha inside.  Once the ambulance passes, Dementia roars her car to the same speed as the ambulance.  She swerves through traffic and runs red lights.  At one red light, a copy nearby roars after her, siren blaring.  Dementia keeps driving after the ambulance, not caring about the cop.  When they reach the hospital, Dementia pulls over, behind the ambulance.  The cop comes over and begins talking to her.  When she sees Haden and Sasha taken out of the ambulance, she jumps out of the car and bolts after them.  "Stop miss!" she could hear the cop yelling from behind her.  Once she sees them be taken into a room, she pauses.  The cop tackles her to the floor.  She gets cuffed and taken back to the police car.

        The cop starts saying her rights and she starts to think about her life.  Her job, her boyfriend, her best friend, the gypsy and even her dream.  The cop puts her in the back of the police car and drives away.

Chapter 6
"Demon Bride To Be"

        The cop car pulls into the front of the jail hall.  The cop takes Dementia out of the back and takes her into the hall.  She gets photos taken of her and finger printed.  She changes from her clothes into a jail uniform, the color of neon orange.  As she is taken to her cell, she sees a woman trying to grab at her.  She then gets shoved into a cell of her own.  She gets her cuffs taken off and she goes and sits on the bed.  She lays down, finding herself wishing herself somewhere else.  She shuts her eyes to the noise of women screaming and rattling their cell bars.  Dementia grabs and puts the pillow over her ears.  A few hours later, she falls asleep.  She awakens to a cop rattling her cell bars.

        "Hey, Ms. Speedy you're free," the cop says, unlocking and opening her cell door.  After getting her things after she changes, she turns around to see Amanda.  "Thank you," Dementia says, embracing Amanda in a nice, big hug.  "Lets get going," Amanda says.  The two girls leave the hall and drive home.

        Dementia tells Amanda the whole story about the gypsy, about her boss, about her dream, about her boyfriend and what she did to him and his little girlfriend and what she did to get arrested.  Amanda sits, just staring at Dementia.  "Please say something, Mandy... it feels awkward, you just staring at me like that," Dementia says, breaking the silence.  Amanda blinks, "I don't know what to say," she finally says, "it seems like the gypsy knows what she's talking about... and if what she said is true, then you are probably becoming your demon self."  Dementia thinks for a moment.  "I don't know, Mench but it seems out of the ordinary and if what you say happened with Haden today really happened, then you are likely to be changing into this devil's wife that you have been told you are," Amanda says.

        Dementia sits back, "I don't know, Mandy... if I am this demon wife then..." her voice trails off as she starts to think.  "If you're this demon wife then you're this demon wife, not like you can do anything about it," Amanda says, "just don't go anywhere got a while then maybe you will get better."

        Later on that night, Amanda sits in her room watching TV while Dementia lays on the couch thinking.  Once she starts thinking about Haden, she gets really mad.  All of a sudden, she hears a crash from Amanda's room.

        Amanda walks into the living room, "you know Mench, it's cool you're becoming this demon wife and all but could you try to hold those powers?  My TV just blew up... would you mind terribly if I watched my show in here?  It's my favorite episode," she says.  "Sure," Dementia says, "I'm going to go to Libby's... I've been wondering how she's doing."  "No, you have to stay here, don't want to go to jail again do you? and this time, I won't bail you out," Amanda says.  "Fine, don't then but I need to see Libby!" Dementia yells in some strange booming voice.  She gets her jacket and shoes on, grabs her keys and leaves, slamming the door behind her.

Chapter 7
"The Exorcism of Libby"

        Dementia drives up Gorge Avenue and pulls into Libby's driveway.  She goes up and knocks on Libby's door.  The door swings open to a pitch black house.  Dementia looks around to find plastic on all her furniture, "wow, Libby's crazy... it's not normally like this in here," she says to herself.  She goes up the stairs and pauses when she hears Libby in her room talking to someone.

        "Don't!  Leave me alone!" she hears Libby scream.  "You can't escape me now!" yells an evil booming voice.  Dementia's eyes flicker red then back to normal.  She walks over to Libby's room and pushes the door open to find Libby on the floor, crawling.  "What on earth?" Dementia says when Libby looks at her.  The green, possessed face on Libby's body looks at Dementia in fear, "queen Dementia!" screams the voice, "how I beg forgiveness upon thee."

        Dementia's eyes glow red, "Arachna, you awful demon... why are you inside my best friend?!" Dementia's dark, booming voice yells.  "Oh, queen I did not know this is your best friend," the voice pleads, "please forgive an old demon."  Dementia glares at him, "you know very well that forgiveness is not in my nature!" Dementia's voice booms.  She reaches her hand out.  With a powerful force, the body pulls over to allow Dementia to hold its throat.  "Get out of her now!" Dementia booms then sends the body flying across the room into the other wall.

        As the body hits the floor, the demon leaves Libby's body and obediently leaves the house to go back to hell.  Dementia goes over to Libby, "are you alright?" she asks.  Libby's glazed eyes look at Dementia, "you're read... why are you red?" Libby asks then faints.

        Dementia carries Libby to her car and drives home.  She arrives back at home and puts Libby on the couch.  Dementia puts a pillow under Libby's head and covers her in a blanket.  Dementia goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror.  Her eyes grow wide when she realizes her skin is red and her eyes are no longer the sky blue they originally are, now they are a pitch black.

        Dementia goes to her room and sits on her bed, "I can't go out like this," she says to herself, feeling upset.  She gets into bed and stares off into space, finding herself wishing she could show her face in public again.  A few minutes later, she falls asleep.

Chapter 8
"Out In The Open"

        The next day, Dementia awakens to someone screaming.  "What the hell is going on?!" Dementia yells as she enters the living room.  "I have no clue!" Amanda yells from the other side of the house, standing in the doorway of her room, covering her ears.  "Libby! Shut up!" Dementia yells to Libby while watching her scream until she's red in the face.  Dementia walks over and slaps Libby across the face.  Libby stops screaming and looks at Dementia, "what was that for?" Libby asks, putting a hand on her cheek.  Libby turns to look at Dementia.  Her mouth instantly drops open in awe.

        "Now Libby... calm down..." Dementia says, motioning for Libby to settle down.  "You-your face... your nails... your eyes!  Oh my god!  You evil bastard!  Leave my best friend alone!" Libby yells, fleeing over and beginning to choke Dementia.  Dementia tries to choke out some words but they get replaced with gurgling noises.  Dementia's eyes turn red as a force sends Libby flying into the opposite wall.  Dementia puts her arm out in front of her.  With a demonic force, she raises Libby up.  She walks over and looks Libby in the eye, "who are you?" Libby asks, fearfully.  Dementia's eyes burn into Libby's, "I am Dementia... just now, I know who I really am."

        "And, who is that?" Libby says, sarcastically but still scared.  "The devil's demon bride... I originate from hell and came onto earth to seek what life is like on earth," Dementia says then drops Libby to the floor.  Libby helps herself to her feet.  "When you came to me, crying about the fortune teller, I decided to seek out a gypsy myself... after doing so, I learned my life would change to become this demon queen... at first I did not believe her but after I began to change in appearance and gain my powers, I knew what I had learned from the gypsy was true," Dementia continues.  Dementia sits down on the couch, Libby along with her, "now, there's only one place for me to go, knowing I will be accepted and that is hell."

Chapter 9
"Hell Raiser"

        Just after Dementia finishes, all of a sudden, the entire house starts to wobble around.  A few clicking sounds that sound like a clock, the girls all ducking to the floor and the whole house blows up.  The girls look up from under their arms to find themselves in hell.  They stand up.  Just then, Dementia starts to fade.  "What is going on?" Amanda asks, her and Libby walking over to her.  All of a sudden, Dementia disappears.  "Oh no, now we're alone," Libby whines.

        "Oh shut up, quit being a wussy Libby... lets go," Amanda says, grabbing Libby's arm and heading off through hell.  Left and right, Libby jumps from seeing all the demons that are working.  They then reach the black castle in the middle of hell.  Amanda knocks on the door.  A girl that looks an awful lot like Dementia as a demon but with shorter hair answers the door.  "Dementia!  Oh my god!  You're alright!" Libby yells, hugging the girl.  The girl shoves Libby off of her and looks at the two girls at the door, "you must be my sister's friends," the girl says, "my name is Twilight and I am Dementia's twin sister."

        Twilight shows the girls to the sun room and sits them down.  Once sat down, a man Amanda found to be stunningly handsome for a demon brings them some drinks.  "Please enjoy," the man says then leaves the room.  Amanda and Libby sit and drink up their drinks.

        "You two made it," the girls turn to see Dementia walk into the room, "I sure hope Igor has treated you well," Dementia says, walking over to her friends.  She glances in their cups, "seems to me that you enjoyed your drinks," Dementia says.  Amanda and Libby take a long look at Dementia's wardrobe.  "Hey, Mench where did you find the hot threads?" Amanda asks, stunned.  Dementia glances at herself then looks back at Amanda, "I had them for years... the black miniskirt my mother gave me, the black jeweled necklace, my dad gave me for my four hundredth birthday, the high heeled black boots, from my sister for my three hundred and eighty second birthday and this black tube top, bought in heaven when my mother was dating some angel named Pasco," Dementia explains.

        A young demon girl then walks in.  'She looks about in her teenage years,' Amanda thinks to herself.  "Mom, aren't you getting ready for the reunion for you and dad?" the girl walks up and asks Dementia.  "In a minute," Dementia tells the girl then turns to Amanda and Libby, "this is my daughter, Midnight... I will allow you three to get acquainted while I go gussy up," Dementia says then leaves the room and up the stairs.

        "I'm Amanda and this is Libby," Amanda says to Midnight.  "My mother has told me about you two before she left for earth... she told me who she had chosen for her roommate and her best friend," Midnight tells them.  "Well, we feel really honored to have been chosen," Amanda says.

        The handsome servant Amanda and Libby had learned to be that of a demon by the name of Igor walks into the room and announces to the girls, "the carriage awaits you to go to the reunion."  The girls follow Igor out of the castle where he holds the door to a black carriage open for them.  The two girls get inside and the carriage rides off.

Chapter 10
"Party On"

        The carriage stops in front of a black palace.  They follow other visitors into the building.  They get inside to find demons dancing and music blaring.  "Care to dance?" Igor asks popping in front of Amanda out of nowhere.  Amanda, shocked the handsome man asked her to dance, immediately puts her hand in his and goes out and dances with him on the dance floor.

        All of a sudden, the lights go out and the music stops.  A spotlight turns onto the stage at the side of the building.  "Please enjoy yourselves!  This is mine and Lucifer's reunion... have fun!"  Dementia announces on the stage.  Lucifer goes over and plants a deep kiss on Dementia's lips as the lights go back on and everyone begins dancing as the music turns back on.

        Libby begins dancing with some demon guy and the party commences.
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